You have a passion for what you do but could do without the day to day tasks of running a business

You have the idea, the vision, the drive, the skills, the creativity but you are also obliged to spend considerable amounts of time on day to day things like making appointments, photocopying or promotional work. You might be on the road a lot and have to field phone inquiries between driving and meetings. A PA would be ideal but would be a significant additional cost and brings the additional responsibilities that come with employing someone.

At Bayview you can purchase a PA support package to take care of some of those day to day tasks; from a telephone answering service or appointments service, to data entry, facebook updating, and desk research; talk to us about your particular needs.

You currently travel to Belfast

Internet access, skype and face time make it possible to work anywhere. Why not travel away from the traffic each morning and evening, park for free, and spend time looking out at the sea and open sky instead of a brick wall ? You will save time and money, reduce stress from commuting and benefit from the more positive inspiring views. Cafes and small shops are a saunter away for lunch, and the forest park is just around the corner for clearing your head. Good mental health means sharper more effective thinking.

You are working at home but feel isolated at times

You have a business up and running and your office is in the home. Booking space at Bayview once or twice a week would give you a unique and stimulating ‘workspace members club’ to spend time in. You can mix alone time working at home with time spent in a vibrant, creative workspace, giving you the chance to meet up with others. The benefits are wide ranging; from solving niggling problems, getting a wider perspective on trends and changes, to meeting people you can collaborate with on bigger projects. You get the benefit of feeling part of something those working in bigger organisations get but still work for yourself.

Not only that, but you can access other useful resources: a meeting room for meetings with clients or collaborating with others, and access to support services that can help you develop andf extend your business capacity.

If you are working at home for childcare purposes check out our low cost after school childcare service which can include bringing your children to you at the end of the working day, saving you the drive and letting you get home sooner and feeling less troubled.

You are starting out in self employment for the first time

You might be taking the first steps in setting up your own business idea. After the initial training and advice you got from a business start programme, you could do with some ongoing support to get up and running. You are keeping your costs down by working at home but this sometimes leaves you feeling isolated. You could do with someone to share your concerns or ideas with but how without spending money ?  

Bayview Synergy can provide you with that ideal next step; to get your business going at low cost but with lots of support from others in the same boat, who can share solutions, ideas and encouragement. 

You can rent a desk for just one day a week or more up to the full five days and access additional professional advice and guidance as and when you need it, all to suit your budget and how you want to work. In the Platinum package you can also have access to a meeting room to meet with clients or people you are collaborating with.

We will all get together now and again to share and solve problems, discuss opportunities and maybe do some creative stuff to help promote ourselves. Working for yourself does not have to mean being by yourself !