Offering Joined-up Solutions

everyone-working-together-549x480Here’s two observations you can probably agree with.

1. To get a good, long lasting solution often needs a combination of services provided by a number of different businesses

2. There’s a lot of know-how out there and a lot of specialist businesses, but quite often they are scattered to the four winds. It takes knowledge and time for someone to pull this together in the right way to meet their needs. Who has that time ?

Sustainable development is a good example. It covers a lot of services; natural resource management, renewable energy and energy conservation, community regeneration, the address of poverty, product innovations that use less resources, waste management, local food, social media for communication and collaboration, recycling re-using or re purposing of things, design, research, evaluation and so on. There’s a lot of pioneering work. The know how and know-where is constantly evolving. If a business or client wants to include sustainability in their strategy what do they do ? (Sustainable development isn’t the only area for joined up approaches of course, it can apply equally well to other support services).

So there are two opportunities:

1. Being able to assist someone who wants to achieve a genuine sustainable outcome for themselves or their business to find and pull together the right set of providers (NB its worth noting that people prefer talking to people rather than reading directories)

2. Helping provider businesses with the specialist skills and knowledge to find each other so that they can combine those skills and know how, enhance visibility and meet needs more effectively and persuasively

Coworking models have shown how a better connection can be made between freelancers and smaller businesses that can help in marketing and designing bespoke solutions and create a compelling service offer. This is one of the possibilities we are going discuss this Friday 15th May and on a regular basis thereafter in building a coworking community. We are exploring the potential for coworking to be a powerful way for freelancers to work together to mutual benefit – offering joined up solutions to the marketplace is one way. Coming up with or learning about new products or methods is another. Simply helping each other and providing encouragement and ideas is another. It is relevant to sustainable development, and its equally relevant to anyone working on their own or in a very small company in any sector.

If you want to get involved get in touch.

Why Bayview ? Some coworking spaces cater for particular kinds of entrepreneur; those in digital media for example, makers, artists, designers, architects, surveyors, energy consultants, engineers, landscape or interior designers and so on. One thing coworking spaces have in common is that they encourage creativity innovation and collaboration. Whilst individual users may work on their own business, the opportunity is also there to join forces. We are interested in seeing if there is a role for Bayview Synergy in supporting sustainable development, and bringing it together with support for designers, artists, makers and others to build real synergy across skills and know how.

After all, we are located in an area of outstanding natural beauty – a good place to be reminded about why sustainable development matters.

The importance of Nature

The importance of Nature

Studies are showing that contact with nature is important in a number of ways relevant to work as well as leisure. Time spent in a forest or out in the countryside can enhance creativity, strengthen positive mental health and resilience, and maintain good physical health. Taking a quick walk breaks up time spent sitting at the computer, gets the blood flowing, and refreshes the mind. (more…)

Effectiveness Resources

Bayview Synergy space is perhaps unique in including support for emotional and intuitive skills development as well as the more usual business support services.

Indeed a strong theme in the design of Bayview is to provide an inspiring, emotionally rewarding working environment. A growing number of studies into factors affecting business success are reporting that along with well developed systems and procedures and a well thought out business plan, emotional intelligence, a high level of self awareness, empathy and creative / intuitive thinking skills make a big difference to the effectiveness and success of a business.

For example Google, Panasonic and other large companies have introduced emotional intelligence and mindfulness courses to their workforce in recent years in recognition of the impacts that can be made on productivity. Pepsi, L’Oreal and Sheraton Hotel Group have found emotional intelligence to be an important factor in improved customer service and sales performance.

Research by the Carnegie Institute of Technology reported that 85 percent of thefinancial success of an individual could be explained by skills in self awareness and empathy influencing the ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Only 15 percent was found to be due to technical knowledge!

We have assembled a number of support services that can help you enhance these areas ; from improving self awareness to cultivating the ability to recognise opportunities for innovation in a product or service, backed up by practical support in converting intuition and empathy into concrete saleable products.