Coworking is pretty new. Some of the questions people have asked us are addressed below. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your own requirements.

1. How do I book a desk ?   Currently, the best way is to give us a call on 028 437 23219. We are working on an online booking system.

2. Do I have to use all the hours I buy within four weeks ?  Yes, to keep things simple, hours ‘expire’ after four weeks if they lie unused, but you can use any surplus to book ahead.

3. Can I book a desk just for one day ?  Yes – contact us on the phone number above. A single day rate is £14 or a half day £7

4. Do I have to rent a desk to be able to use the meeting rooms ?  No. You can book a meeting room anytime independently of whether you are using a desk. 12 hours meeting room time is included in your Platinum package at any number of hours desk use.

5. How do I get mentoring assistance ?  You can book mentoring sessions using the phone number above. Rates are found under the ‘What we offer’ menu where you can find a range of different types of mentoring support to suit your needs. We also organise workshops and get togethers of Synergy Space users to help each other (free of charge)

6. What if I want to make a private call ?  We have a separate small space for private calls or to get some quiet space for awhile available anytime you are in Synergy. Failing that we can arrange use of one of the meeting rooms. If you have a number of calls to make or wish to Skype / video conference, booking a meeting room is probably your best bet.

7. Can we book desks together to work on something ?  Yes, desks can be arranged in sets of 3 for groupwork but best book in advance to ensure a set of desks is available. Its also possible to book the entire space including meeting rooms for a larger team project or awayday. Contact us to discuss.