You started a business idea part time a little while ago. Its something you like doing and you know you have the skills and talent but you haven’t really got it up and running all that well. You are waiting for…….well, something to give you that extra oomph – a bit more time maybe, or some spare cash, or someone to work with you

Try this; book yourself a desk at Bayview Synergy space once a week. It will get you out of the house, into a new setting and a new routine. You will meet people interested in what you do and who share with you a desire to work for themselves doing something they like. you can get the encouragement, reassurance and motivation to commit to your idea and really make it happen.

As you start to build momentum you can spend more time here as you need to – there’s no long term lease to sign we are here if and when you need us.

Coming soon we will have co retail space and workshop space as well so you can test out product ideas cheaply, get feedback and find your way forward.

Let us help you work on something you really believe in.