You are starting out in self employment for the first time 

You might be taking the first steps in setting up your own business idea. After the initial training and advice you got from a business start programme, you could do with some ongoing support to get up and running. You are keeping your costs down by working at home but this sometimes leaves you feeling isolated. You could do with someone to share your concerns or ideas with but how without spending money ?  

Bayview Synergy can provide you with that ideal next step; to get your business going at low cost but with lots of support from others in the same boat, who can share solutions, ideas and encouragement. 

You can rent a desk for just one day a week or more up to the full five days and access additional professional advice and guidance as and when you need it, all to suit your budget and how you want to work. In the Platinum package you can also have access to a meeting room to meet with clients or people you are collaborating with.

We will all get together now and again to share and solve problems, discuss opportunities and maybe do some creative stuff to help promote ourselves. Working for yourself does not have to mean being by yourself !