Bayview Synergy Space has been built from scratch by myself (Nick) and my wife Tanya and with a little help and encouragement from friends. It was a care home before now and a hotel before that. When we bought it it had been laying empty for over 5 years and was a sorry sight. It was a big step to get the finance together to buy and renovate such a big building but we felt it had a lot of possibilities. It has taken us just over 18 months so far to transform part of the ground floor and the first floor to provide a new home for Tanya and her accountancy practice and the new Synergy Space. Nick has done much of the work himself including gutting out, refurbishing and designing the space. During 2015 we will be refurbishing the rest of the ground floor to provide a (co)retail space a commercial grade kitchen and two workshops / studios for making / prototyping new product ideas. When its all done our vision is for a vibrant community of self employed people able to help each other, share ideas and enjoy working together.


Tanya taking a client through some tricky cash flow information

We have lived in the Newcastle area for over 20 years and raised two children.

Tanya has experience in running small businesses and providing training and support to small business owners and managers. She runs her own accountancy practice Tanya Mack Accounts and will be able to offer on site financial advice / mentoring to those using the coworking space

lusty beg creative lab residential 2

Nick in full flow at the Creative Labs residential this last summer

I have a background in R+D and worked with the Rural Development Council as action research manager for a number of years before branching out into self employment myself under the tile ‘Creative Edge’ (one of many I tried on for size). I have a strong creative drive and like to see ‘what happens if ? ‘ I recently designed and ran ‘Creative Labs’ as part of the Harnessing Creativity Programme in Fermanagh / Leitrim resulting in lots of new product ideas and two showcase exhibitions. I have a lot of ideas for Synergy I cant wait to try out !