Coworking isnt just about renting space. Its about freedom to be you and do the work you want to do, and to do it with others who want to be free too. Its about saying no to long term leases that tie you into rent and rates week in week out, its about finding a way to start a business even if you don’t have savings in the bank you can draw on – its about saying ‘Why Not ‘?  and its about feeling good – getting up and going to a place to do interesting work with like minded others not because you have to but because you want to.


Betahaus in Barcelona one of many coworking spaces springing up in the city

The sense of freedom coworking brings opens up your mind to asking ‘Why Not ? ‘ more often – why not have a great view of the sea and be able to go out for a walk when it suits you – hey why not have a meeting on the beach or whilst walking along the seafront ?  Why not have meetings with ice cream ? Why not get together and do something amazing that gets you noticed not just in Newcastle but further afield ? How about an exhibition of ideas for a better life we put together between us ?  Why not try out new ideas for a service or product when you can get feedback from other coworkers and probably end up working on it together using your different skills and interests ? Why not try out working in another coworking space and meeting more new people ?  Why work 9 to 5 ? Why work only at a desk ?  Why is it even called work ?

T4coworking centre

a black wall for creative drawing at T4K in Tashkent Uzbekistan


Being creative and open minded is a strong theme of many coworking spaces springing up around the world and is why they are blossoming. Its a key part of what we want to achieve at Bayview so that the synergy really starts to sizzle !





The ever evolving and creative Hub coworking space in Newry



farset labs global game jam

Farset Labs hackerspace in Belfast