Bayview synergy space is a leading edge approach to business working known as coworking which is springing up all over the world.

If you are starting or running a small business Synergy can give you three important benefits

First: a way to reduce office costs by renting a workstation as and when you need it rather than an entire office in a lease term contract. Additional needs such as meeting space, secretarial support, accountancy services, mentoring, research and problem solving can also be purchased as and when you need it.

Result ? You can focus your energy and resources on developing and enjoying your business

Second : A stimulating, enjoyable place to work: easy parking, no rush hour to fight through, and a workplace looking out over the sea and the mountains and set in a creatively designed space.

Result ? Coming to work is a pleasure that will keep you inspired, positive and motivated

Third: A way to work for yourself, but not by yourself: include time in your business activities to be in a positive, creative working environment with others running small businesses.

Result ? A chance to share problems with people who understand, or try out new ideas, get useful tips, find people to collaborate with, and feel part of something new. Its like a gym or a club for work !

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